The Importance of Sleep…

As I was listening to Brene Brown’s audio-book, The Power of Vulnerability she discusses the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation can be a serious issue, it can lead to poor workmanship, poor attitudes, and in many case accidents. While listening to Brown, I was reminded of a section in Margaret Heffernan’s book Willful Blindness in which she discusses the issues of sleep deprivation. Heffernan stated that those who drive and are suffering from sleep deprivation have the equivalent reflexes of someone who had a blood alcohol level of .08 to .10. Blood-alcohol levels such as these make one subject to DUI laws. I do not know how those laws could be enforced with someone who has been deprived of sleep, but I do know they could be extremely dangerous.

So what do scientist consider sleep deprivation? Most scientist consider anything less than 7 hours a lack of sleep. Several days in a row with less than 7 hours sleep leads to sleep deprivation. I find this interesting as many doctors go through internships with little to no sleep for several days. How is this not dangerous? Sleep is essential for the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Brown discussed in her book some research she conducted on accountants and attorneys, she stated some prided themselves on working long hours without sleep, what she found was they made more mistakes than those who received significant amounts of sleep. Sleep in essential…SLT


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